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Length: 1005mm / 1085mm (Extened)

Weight: 4340 g

Barrel Length: ~460mm

AEG Power Source: Up to 9.6V 1800mAh

Buy HK417 Online

HECKLER & KOCH HK417 SNIPER is high quality to Umarex’s AEGs, Officially licensed by H&K.

The receiver has been engraved with HK trademarks, CNC produced.

The 417 is the 7.62 caliber version of the H&K 416 which and is typically designed for DMR roles. The most obvious differences between the 417 and the 416 are the magazine and lower receiver. The magazine of the 417 is much larger then the standard 416 due to the increased caliber size of the real steel rifle, and the stock tube has also been increased in size.

The Ergonomic pistol grip is very comfortable with the re-designed recoil pad makes this airsoft gun very comfortable to shoulder.

The 417 also features a solid free float rail system and two sling attachment points are mounted on the gun.

The internals of the Umarex 417 are of the normal exceptional quality as expected by VFC, Self shimming gears make this airsoft gun shoot extremely smoothly.

A Other feature of the HK417 is the updated version 2 gearbox, called V2.2, which now consists of three parts, a right and left half and a back part that the motor connects with. The last part made it possible to use the original H&K pistol grip design with a steeper angle. With a different back part the new V2.2 gearbox could also be used with traditional pistol grips, so other future models might incorporate it too. The second advantage of the V2.2 gearbox is that it is thinner and therefore the HK417 receiver is thinner too, in comparison to a traditional M4 or SR25 style receiver albeit still not as thin as the real one.


HECKLER & KOCH HK417 SNIPER Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

1/1 Scale High Power Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG

Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body

Unique Serial Number on Body matching with package box

Buy HK417 Online

Full Metal Free Float Rail System (325mm)

Functional charging handle and bolt release

500mm Outer Barrel With 40mm Flashider

Nylon Fiber 6 position adjustable crane stock and Pistol Grip (Authentic H&K marking)

H&K 2011 version Front Folding Sight

latest HK416 / 417 Flip-up Rear Sight (Engraved Realistic Marking)

100rds Loading Capacity polymer mid-cap (7.62 Type) Magazine – Dummy Cartridge Inside the Mag

Full Metal Bipod (Leg extended by pulling the leg from 180mm to 265mm


Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP

Crane Stock able to store 9.6V 1800mah battery (Not include)

Full Metal 8mm bearing Version 2.2 Gearbox

Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling

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Item Weight (g) 4340

Major Color  Black

Length    1005mm / 1085mm (Extened)

Barrel Length    ~460mm

Hop-up   Adjustable

Shooting Mode  Semi/Fully Automatic

Gearbox Type   2

AEG Motor Long Shank High Torque

AEG Power Source     Up to 9.6V 1800mAh

Fit Battery Pack Mini / Handguard (Nickel / Li-Po)

Barrel Thread Type Clockwise

Barrel Thread Diameter    14mm

Magazine Capacity  100 Rounds

Bullet Type   6mm BB

Power (Muzzle Velocity)   450 FPS

Package Includes

H&K HK417 350 C Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

100 rounds polymer mid-cap Magazine


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