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Mauser C96 Pistol – Red 9

Type:  C96

Maker:          Mauser

Caliber:         9mm

Condition:    ~90%

Bore:  6/10

Year:  1916-18


Buy Mauser C96 Red 9 Online

This is a nice example of an all original ‘Red 9’ Mauser C96. Unlike its commercial counterparts, “Red 9” Broomhandles were chambered in the more common 9mm Para caliber, which was used by the German Army and were marked with a large 9 on the grips which was then filled with red or orange paint to help German soldiers differentiate its caliber from the standard .30 mauser cartridge.

Only about 130,000 of these very collectible guns were made, with only about 100,000 being accepted by the army and issued to the troops. Considered to be a substitute for a light carbine, they became very popular in trench warfare and were used by some of the Germany’s elite crack troops.

The gun has about 90% of the original blue with most of the wear on the barrel, likely from rubbing against the inside of a stock. Pistol has a nice profile view though. Imperial proof on front of magazine. Small parts on the pistol show brilliant fire blue still. The grips are unmarked internally, with the large red 9 externally. Unfortunately, pistol bore wasn’t cared for very well, as there is frost and freckling through the grooves.


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Mauser C96 Red 9