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The STEYR HS .50 M1 is then most powerful sniper rifle produced by STEYR ARMS. With it’s 5 round detachable magazine and multi purpose picatinny rail system it meets all requirements of a modern law enforcement and military long range sniper rifle. The sideloading 5 round magazine allows changing the magazine without moving the rifle. The rifle has a „Take down“ design that allows easy disassembling for transport and same point of impact after reassembling.


Buy Steyr HS 50 M1 Online

The STEYR HS .50 M1 features:


5 round magazine

Multipurpose Picatinny rail system (20 MOA)

Adjustable cheek piece

Adjustable butt plate

Newly designed and fixable bipod

Adjustable monopod at the buttstock

STEYR ARMS made suppressor is available for the STEYR HS .50 M1. A single shot version is also available (STEYR HS .50).




OVERALL-LENGTH: 1460 mm, 57.5“

BARREL-LENGTH: 900 mm, 35.4“

WEIGHT: (without scope) 13.8 kg, 30.4 lbs

MAGAZINE: Detachable box magazine


TRIGGER: 2-stage trigger

SAFETY: Triggersafety

STOCK: Adjustable cheek piece / fixable bipod


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