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Steyr SSG 04 Bolt Action Rifle

This Steyr SSG 04 Bolt Action rifle will be a great addition to any firearms collection. The Steyr SSG 04 is a manually operated bolt-action rifle that offers an excellent choice to the long-range shooter or tactical operator in law enforcement or security applications.



Chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, this platform provides high-precision performance and proven reliability for the discriminating operator. As in other Steyr high-performance bolt-action rifles, the SSG 04 is built on the Safe Bolt System (SBS) action with a unique 2+1 safety function that offers three settings operated by a wheel switch on the tang of the stock.

The FIRE mode (safety off) is indicated by a red dot, and the first level of SAFE mode disables the firing mechanism while allowing the bolt to be cycled. The second SAFE position locks the bolt, at which point the bolt can be pushed down against the stock, locking the firing pin and firing mechanism out of firing position, allowing safe transportation with a round in the chamber.

Simply pressing the safety’s release tab and rolling it forward returns the bolt to either the SAFE or the FIRE position. The receiver is topped with a Picatinny rail for optics mounting. This Steyr is in excellent condition. The rifle has a 24 inch heavy barrel with wide spiral fluting and an Advanced Armament Company muzzle brake.

The trigger is light and crisp. This is a great rifle for the serious collector or hunter. The synthetic stock features an adjustable comb and butt for fitting the rifle to its new owner, which will be you, if you act quickly. The metal surfaces are also in excellent condition. The action is smooth and tight and the trigger light and crisp. Weight is 9 pounds, 8.5 ounces. Please review the attached photographs to appreciate the beauty of this gun.



Caliber Info: 300 Win Mag.

Chambers: Bolt Action.

Metal Condition: Excellent.

Wood Condition: N/A.

Bore Condition: Bright & shiny.

Barrels: 24 inches with light spiral fluting.

Triggers: Light & crisp.

Stock: Synthetic stock features an adjustable comb and butt for fitting the rifle to its new owner.

Stock Dimensions:

14.25 LOP.

Fore End: Synthetic stock.

Butt Pad: Adjustable.

Weight: 9 Lbs, 8.5 Ounces.

Sights: Picatinny rail for mounting your scope.


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