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HISTORY.  Walther began in 1886 as a sport rifle repair shop in Ulm, Germany, evolled into a rifle manufacturer, but became famous for their pistols starting in 1908 making “Pocket Pistols” with the Model 1.  During WW2 their claim to fame was for the Walther PP, PPK and the P-38.


Buy Walther Model 4 Online

Super nice matching Walther Model 4 (Third Variant), Serial # 257,743, c.1923, 98% original finish and near mint original Walther bakelite grips.  Take note of the extractor / ejector on the left side.  Very interesting pistol and you won’t find a nicer one!


Manufacturer: Walther

Model: 4

Type: Pistol

Gauge: 7.65 mm

Barrel: 3-1/2 inch round

Finish: blue

Grip: hard rubber

Class: Curio & Relic Handgun


Introduced in 1910, this pistol features fixed sights, marked “SELBSTLADE-PISTOLE CAL. 7,65. WALTHER’S PATENT” over the Walther banner, commercial crown/ “N” proofs on the left side of the frame, slide with a crown / “W” proof, and barrel and address on the right side of the slide. With a brown leather 1918 dated Eugen Huber marked flap holster.


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Walther Model 4