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Walther Olympia Rapid Fire .22 Short 7.4″bbl Target Pistol 1936-40mfg


Walther Olympia Rapid Fire .22 Short semi automatic pistol, often called the “Schnellfeuer” model. This pistol features the iconic Olympia blowback target pistol design, with a steel frame and barrel, and a very lightweight aluminum-type alloy slide, designed to accomodate light .22 Short rapid-fire loads.


Buy Walther Olympia Online

The pistol is all matching down to the grips, and the magazine matches as well. The pistol is in excellent working order with a fully functional action, a nice bore and a lovely trigger pull. The pistol shows some finish wear in areas, and average handling wear can be seen.

Handgun Caliber: .22 Short

Manufacturer: Walther

Model: Olympia


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Walther Olympia