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Rare Commercial Walther P4

Type:  P4

Maker:          Walther

Caliber:         9mm

Condition:    Mint

Bore:  Mint

Year:  1977


Buy Walther P4 Online

This is a rare Walther P4 that was manufactured in 1977 for the European commercial market. There were only 7,500 P4’s produced, and this one is especially uncommon as it is not BMI marked. It is estimated that perhaps under 1,000 of this variant exist. The pistol is in mint, original condition with no wear to speak of.

The lanyard loop on the frame has been removed or was never attached, but an original is included with the listing. There is a tiny import mark on the bottom of the frame. This variant also shows serial on slide only, not frame, denoting European commercial market.


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Walther P4